2022 Ford Bronco Cape Cod Edition

Orange Bronco Top On


Modifications & Upgrades

The new Ford Bronco has taken the automotive world by storm over the past year or two, and the same is true when it comes to the aftermarket industry. The stock Bronco looks good, but we believe it looks so much better when the right modifications are made to it. That is what our goal was with this Bronco; we wanted to create a Bronco that we thought looked good and would be a big improvement over the factory version. Being that we are located on Cape Cod and Ford has been using different seaside locations for their trims, like Outer Banks and Everglades, we decided to call our Bronco, the Cape Cod Edition. The Cape Cod Edition features color matched body components, custom leather seats, and many other aftermarket upgrades like power retractable steps, front and rear steel bumpers, aftermarket exhaust, and so much more.


This Bronco started out as a 2022 example base model manual transmission equipped with the Sasquatch package. Being that it is a manual, it comes with the 2.3L 4-cylinder engine, and also being that it is a 2-door it comes with a hardtop. The Sasquatch Broncos come with the wide 5” fender flares that are textured black. Since we are also a body shop, we decided to match the triple stage paint job seen on this Cyber Orange Bronco to the fender flares, helping to give the vehicle a more cohesive look. We decided to then replicate that upfront with the textured black grille to help tie in the front end of the vehicle. We also color matched the silver outer wheel beadlock rings. We thought that this change really helped to give the Bronco a much more complete and whole look as this helped to tie in the wheels with the black and orange color scheme seen on the rest of the vehicle. To further add to the custom body work, we decided to add in an aftermarket hood from Advanced Fiberglass Concepts. Their heat extractor design gave us another opportunity to further emphasize the black and orange color scheme seen on the rest of the vehicle. We painted the base of the hood Cyber Orange and then painted the hood vent area a flat black. To cap off the paint work, we also painted the grates in the bumpers and skid plate to add a nice accent to the vehicle.


For aftermarket parts that we added, we installed a set of front and rear DV8 steel bumpers. Each included the bumper grates that we painted to match the rest of the vehicle. The front bumper also houses a DV8 winch. Right below the bumper is a matching DV8 skid plate to help provide some more offroad protection. Moving to the side of the vehicle, we installed a set of Rock Slide Engineering retractable power steps. These steps are great as they double as rock sliders and power steps. They are designed to take abuse that comes with going over rocks and other obstacles when off-roading, and they retract down when the door opens and retract back up when it closes. These are great for the Sasquatch package Broncos as the extra height from the lift and larger tires can make it difficult to get inside. Other modifications that we included was an aftermarket exhaust from AWE that sports dual exit black tips. This exhaust really livens up the vehicle and is a much better improvement over stock. Another piece we installed was an 1.25” leveling kit from ReadyLIFT to help level the vehicle out. What was great about this kit is that it maintained the ride quality, which was exactly what we were going for.


Being that this vehicle has the capability to go offroad, we added in a whole bunch of different accessory lights to aid in that. Up front we have a set of Rigid Radiance light pods with an amber backlight, and we have them on the back as well, except for the fact that the lights on the back are flush mounted lights that provides a clean aesthetic with the rear bumper. Up top we have a Baja Designs light bar that is positioned across the top of the windshield and outputs ample light. We also have Baja Designs ditch mount lights to match the light bar, and they are angled out to sit parallel with the lights in the front bumper. Lastly, we also installed a set of Oracle Lighting illuminated grille letters that light up whenever the doors open and the headlights are on. These provide a nice accent at night and further adds to the custom look.


Moving to the interior, we installed the Ford auxiliary switch panel that comes with 6 different switches. These switches are an option and were not originally included, but we decided to install them as this vehicle has a whole host of accessory lights. We also had a custom set of Katzkin leather seats made that are primarily black and grey to match the rest of the interior, and we opted for yellowish orange stitching to match the exterior of the vehicle. We also incorporated an outline of Cape Cod to properly reflect this Bronco being a Cape Cod Edition. You will also see a Cape Cod Edition badge on the outside of the vehicle where the Sasquatch sticker used to be. This badge sits snugly right below the old school Bronco badge that we installed on the vehicle to help give it that classic look. Lastly, we switched out the silver bucking Bronco badge on the back with a black one to further tie in the black and orange color scheme.


That essentially wraps up everything that has been done to this Bronco to make it a Cape Cod Edition. Everything except the seats were done in house. All paint work was finished with a proper Glasurit paint job in our AFC downdraft bake spray booth. Overall, we were extremely happy with how it came out and are proud to offer this Bronco for sale to an owner that wants a Bronco that looks like no other one that is on the market today.


Orange Bronco After Top Off
Orange Bronco Side After
Orange Bronco Left Side
Orange Bronco Front After
Orange Bronco After
Orange Bronco Rear Right
Orange Bronco Side Shot
Orange Bronco Rear
Orange Bronco Back
Orange Bronco Front Grille
Orange Bronco Grille
Advanced Fiberglass Concepts Heat Extractor Hood Ford Bronco
Orange Bronco Wheel Beadlock Rings
Orange Bronco Sides
Orange Bronco Aesthetic Shot
Orange Bronco Fender Flares
Orange Bronco Side Badge
Custom Bronco Badge
Baja Designs Bronco Light Bar
Baja Designs Ditch Mount Light
Orange Bronco Rear Bumper
DV8 Bumper Grate
Rigid Rear Bumper
Orange Bronco Grille Lights
Orange Bronco Taillights
Orange Bronco Grille Lights
Orange Bronco Above


Orange Bronco Interior
Orange Bronco Custom Seats
Cape Cod Edition Badge
Orange Bronco Rear Seat
Orange Bronco Steering Wheel
Orange Bronco Manual Shifter
Orange Bronco Gauge
Auxiliary Switch Panel
Orange Bronco Display

Before & Afters

Orange Bronco Before Right
Cyber Orange Ford Bronco Build
Orange Bronco Before Front
Orange Bronco Front After
Orange Bronco Side Before
Orange Bronco Side
Orange Bronco Build Sheet