Color Matched Parts

Paint matching different accessories and body components is a great way to give your vehicle a unique and overall more cohesive look. Since we are also a body shop we can professionally prep and paint different parts of your vehicle in house. Take a look below to see the main vehicle components and accessories that we can paint match.

Bronco Components

There are many different components on Ford Broncos that can be color matched to give your vehicle its own unique look including fender flares, the hard top, grille, and beadlock rings if your vehicle has those.

Fender Flares

Paint Matched Ford Bronco Sasquatch Fender Flares


Ford Bronco Race Red Grille

Hard Top


Beadlock Rings

Ford Bronco Paint Matched Outer Wheel Ring

Before & After

Ford Bronco Before Front Right
2022 Ford Bronco Red Cape Cod Edition

Aftermarket & Factory Bumpers


Aftermarket Bumpers

paint match ford bronco bumper

Factory Bumpers

Bushwacker Fender Flares

2021 GMC Sierra 2500 Bushwacker Paint to Match Fender Flares
2021 GMC Sierra 2500 AT4

Black Out Kits

We also have the ability to black out your vehicle depending on the paintable and replacement parts available for your vehicle. We find this looks great on Escalade’s, Range Rover’s, and similar style vehicles.

Before & After

Range Rover Sideview Before
Range Rover Sideview After