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2022 Ford Bronco Race Red Build
Ford Bronco Front After
2022 Ford Bronco Race Red Behind
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What Was Our Goal

We were lucky to be able to get our hands on a new 2022 Ford Bronco Badlands. This Bronco is equipped with the Sasquatch package providing the vehicle with a little more than 1″ of lift, 35″ tires, and electronically locking front and rear differentials making this vehicle a very capable off-roading machine and direct competitor to the Wrangler. Like the Wrangler, this vehicle is highly customizable, and it is our goal to show you what can be done with this vehicle.


Ford Bronco Race Red Before


Ford Bronco Race Red After

What We Painted

Ford Bronco Race Red Grille


The grille on this vehicle came from the factory textured black, which looked good, but we thought it could look better. So, what we did was we decided to paint the grille to match the color of the rest of the vehicle. 

We felt it gave the Bronco a more overall cohesive look and felt that the glossy finish looked a lot better than the textured finish that originally came with the vehicle.

Paint Matched Ford Bronco Sasquatch Fender Flares

Fender Flares

We applied the same idea that we had with the grille to the fender flares. The fender flares came textured black and felt like it looked like a small piece that was merely added on to the vehicle, which it is in a sense.

We thought it would look a lot better if the flares were painted to match the vehicle as it would make the flares look like it was part of the vehicle more furthering adding to that whole cohesive look we were going for.

Ford Bronco Advanced Fiberglass Concepts Ram Air Hood

Advanced Fiberglass Concepts Ram Air Hood

To help give the Bronco a more custom and prominent look we decided to go with an aftermarket hood in this Ram Air style hood from Advanced Fiberglass Concepts.

As the name implies the hood is fiberglass and not only adds style but is functional as well. We decided to paint the entirety of the hood red to match the color of the vehicle, while painting the grate black to replicate the red and black color dynamic seen on other parts of the vehicle.

Ford Bronco Paint Matched Outer Wheel Ring

Outer Wheel Rings

When it came to the wheels we were not entirely sure what we wanted to do. We were thinking of going with some aftermarket wheels that contained red accents, but we also liked the design of the OEM wheels. The thing was we were not to fond of the silver bead ring on these wheels.

So, we decided to combine our two ideas into one by keeping the stock wheels but painting the outer rings to give it a nice accent. We thought all black would be too plain and felt that painting the outer ring red would help connect the wheels to the rest of the vehicle. We first tried it on the spare wheel and thought it looked, so we replicated it to the other wheels.

Ford Bronco Painted to Match Grille Grates

Skid Plate & Bumper Grates

The last area that we painted on the vehicle were the grates that came with the DV8 bumpers and skid plate that we installed on the vehicle.

They were originally silver, but we though that painting them red would offer a nice touch to the bumpers and would further add to the red and black color scheme that we were going for with this vehicle.

The Parts

DV8 Ford Bronco Bumper

DV8 Front Bumper, Skid Plate, & Winch

Up front we went with a DV8 front bumper and opted for all of the optional goodies that were available with it, which included side wing extensions so the bumper would run the whole width of the vehicle, skid plate for undercarriage protection when off-roading, and a 12,000 pound winch for both looks and added functionality if you ever get stuck somewhere.

We went with the DV8 bumper as it provides both form and function. We thought it helped to boost the looks of the vehicle as it flowed well with the lines on the Bronco, and it helped its performance by adding more protection through the skid plate and capability with the winch as well as a place for a 20″ light bar.

DV8 Ford Bronco Rear Bumper

DV8 Rear Bumper

We went with the DV8 rear bumper as we wanted both the front and rear bumpers to match. Also it provided spots for 3 inch pod lights, and it had grates that we could paint to match the ones on the skid plate up front.

Most importantly it had a place to mount the license plate to with a light to shine on it, which meant no other fabrication was needed to make this vehicle legal for driving on the road.

Ford Bronco Rock Slide Engineering Side Steps

Rock Slide Engineering Retractable Steps

Being that this Bronco is equipped with the Sasquatch package it sits quite high as it comes lifted about an inch and has 35″ tires, which makes it a bit more difficult to get in and out of the vehicle than you really would want it.

We thought a great product to help us fix that problem would be retractable side steps from Rock Slide Engineering. These steps double as both power retractable steps and rock sliders. This means you can go off-road and give these steps a beating by going over rocks and other obstacles, and you will not have to worry about damaging them.

So, you get added functionality in a couple different ways as it is now easier to get into your Bronco, and you have more off-road protection. 

Ford Bronco AWE Exhaust

AWE Dual Exit Exhaust

This Bronco is equipped with the 2.7L V6 turbocharged EcoBoost engine producing 330 horsepower and 415 lb-ft. of torque. Though this engine has some power, it does not really sound like it. The single exit exhaust that comes with the Bronco from the factory is quite quiet.

To change this and liven up the Bronco a bit we decided to replace the factory exhaust with an aftermarket one in a AWE Catback Exhaust System. The exhaust is dual exit and comes with black tips helping to add a nice performance look to the vehicle. Also, the exhaust reportedly adds about 4 horsepower, which may not be too much, but you can take what you can get. 

Ford Bronco ReadyLIFT Bronco

ReadyLIFT 1.25" Leveling Kit

To help give this Bronco a more leveled look we opted to install a 1.25″ leveling kit from ReadyLIFT. We were not sure if we wanted to include the level, but once we installed the new front bumper and winch, we thought it would be a good idea as the weight from these items pushed the front end down quite a bit.

The leveling kit worked perfect as it brought the front end back up, and it did not impact the ride quality at all, which was what we were looking for because we probably would have taken it off if it hampered the driving performance. ReadyLIFT is known for producing quality lifts and levels, so we were not surprised that the leveling kit worked out so well.

The Lights

Ford Bronco Oracle Grille Lights

Bronco Grille Lights

A cool little feature that we added were these illuminated letters for the grille that light up when you open the doors, and when the headlights are on.

These letters are from Oracle Lighting, and they replicate the look of the stock Bronco letter except for that they light up.

Ford Bronco Rigid Radiance Light Bar

Rigid Radiance 20" Light Bar

For the front bumper light bar we could have opted for the 20″ DV8 light bar that comes with the bumper, but we ultimately ended up deciding to go with this 20″ Rigid Radiance light bar.

The reason for this is because the Radiance line from Rigid not only contains a powerful clear white beam pattern, but it also features a red backlight. This provides a nice accent to the vehicle, and it is a great way to use the light without worrying about blinding people driving the other way.

Flush Mount Rigid Radiance Light Pod

Rigid Radiance Flush Mount Light Pods

Similar to the light bar we opted for the Rigid Radiance light pods for the rear bumper. These lights also feature a red backlight as well as a full white beam pattern, which comes in handy if you ever got someone tailgating you at night.

We opted for the flush mount light pod on this vehicle as we thought the flush mount pods would provide a cleaner look, and the design of the bumper makes it possible to fit this type of light.

Ford Bronco KC HiLites

KC HiLites 50" Light Bar Kit

Up top we decided to go with the KC HiLites 50″ light bar kit as we did not want one single linear light bar like the Rigid one featured on the front bumper. Instead, we wanted a light bar that contained a row of individual circular lights like this one.

This light bar also comes with the KC HiLites light covers allowing you to change up the look of the bar and vehicle as well as provide protection to the individual lights.

KC HiLites Ditch Light Kit

KC HiLites Ditch Light Kit

We also decided we wanted to put on a set of ditch lights, which mount right to the mirrors. Since we went with the KC HiLites light bar kit up top, we had to go with the ditch light kit from KC HiLites as well.

The ditch lights are 4″ in diameter, while the lights for the light bar are 6″ in diameter. The ditch lights come with the KC HiLites covers as well.

Interior & Badging

Leather Seat Interior

Custom Katzkin Leather Seats

With so much done on the exterior, we thought we should make some modifications to the interior to help further tie this build all together. The seats that were on this before were all black with orange stitching.

To tie the interior to the exterior better we decided custom Katzkin leather seats with a bit of red would look great. We also got “Cape Cod Edition” embroidered on the seat to match the badging on the outside, furthering helping to give this vehicle its own unique look.

Ford Bronco Badging

Old School Bronco & Cape Cod Edition Badging

One thing we knew we were going to add since the start of this build was the old school Bronco badge that is seen on most classic Broncos. 

Reasons for adding this were that we thought it looked much better than the Badlands sticker that was on there before, and we thought this badge would help connect the vehicle more to its lineage and history.

Bronco Blacked Out Badge

Blacked Out Bronco Badge

On the tailgate for this vehicle we went and changed out the chrome bucking Bronco badge for this black bucking Bronco badge. We thought we should do this as the wheel rings were no longer silver and the exhaust is now black, so nothing matched the chrome. 

Though this is such a small little detail, it did make a big difference when we changed it out. The only thing on this vehicle now that is chrome is the Ford logo that is seen on the back of the vehicle.

DV8 Offroad
Rock Slide Engineering
Advanced Fiberglass Concepts
Rigid Logo
ReadyLift Logo

Before & After

Ford Bronco Before Front Right
2022 Ford Bronco Race Red Build
Ford Bronco Front Before
Ford Bronco Front After
Ford Bronco Behind Before
2022 Ford Bronco Race Red Behind