2021 Ram TRX

2021 Ram TRX Final

Build List

– Foutz Motorsports Lift Kit (2″ Front & .75″ Rear)

– 20″x9″ Fuel Offroad Triggers (+1mm) 

– 37″x13.5″x20″ Nitto Recon Grapplers

Our Thoughts

Overall, we were very happy with the way this build turned out. Lifting the vehicle a couple of inches and adding slightly larger tires really helped to transform this vehicle, and we thought that the 37″ tires fit this vehicle so much better than the stock 35’s that it had on. Also, the Foutz Motorsports kit stiffened up the suspension a bit, which was actually good as the suspension in stock form was a bit bouncy. This in combination with the Nitto Recon Grapplers we put on helped to establish a very smooth and comfortable ride that was far superior to stock.

Parts We Installed

Foutz Motorsports TRX

Foutz Motorsports Lift Kit (2" Front & .75" Rear)

When it came to lifting the vehicle we had a couple of different options, but we opted for the Foutz Motorsport’s 2″ front kit as its design will allow for the TRX to retain its spectacular offroad capability, while ensuring there is no excessive wear on the suspension components. The kit uses a spring perch collar that goes underneath the shock body and adds preload to the spring, which is what gives it the lift.

To complete the lift in the rear we went with Foutz Motorsports Spring Spacer kit, which is a simple kit that is installed on top of the coil spring and provides .75″ of lift.

The kit overall was perfect for this vehicle in both performance and looks. Leveling the truck out really helped to give this truck a more aggressive appearance, and the preload collar we used was exactly what this suspension needed. It helped to stiffen up the bouncy offroad suspension slightly, which gave a more stable and smooth ride.

Fuel Off-Road Trigger

20"x9" Fuel Offroad Triggers (+1mm)

For the wheels we went with a nice new set of 20″x9″ Fuel Offroad Triggers finished in a matte black with a double dark tint. We went with these wheels as we love the design as well as the finish. The matte black with the double dark tint is subtle but provides that nice shade of darker gold and is the perfect amount of color for this vehicle. We plan on color matching part of the truck to the double dark tint finish of these wheels.We went with a 1mm offset as this would help to widen the stance a bit, while keeping the wheels and tires inside the fender.

Nitto Recon Grappler 37-13.5-20

37"x13.5"x20" Nitto Recon Grapplers

For tires we opted for the Nitto Recon Grapplers. We went with the Recon Grapplers because we wanted something that would ride well on the road but still retained the off-road capability that the TRX had. The Recon Grapplers resulted in a quiet and smooth ride and was definitely an improvement over the Goodyears that came with the truck from the factory.

We ultimately decided to go with a 37″x13.5″x20″ for the tire as the lift we installed allowed room for a 37″ tire, and we thought 37’s would fit this vehicle a lot better than the stock 35″ tires that came with it. We decided to also go with a 13.5″ wide tire as we thought that the fatter tire would look better.

Fuel Off-Road
Foutz Motorsports Logo

More to Come

Stay tuned on this build as we are not completely done with it yet. We are still waiting on some Addicitive Desert Design front and rear Bomber bumpers that are made to take Rigid lights. We are also going to be paint matching different parts of the vehicle. We will be painting the fender flares a gloss black to match the body of the truck, and we will be painting some smaller accents like the grates behind the fender the same color as the finish of the Fuel Offroad wheels that we installed on this truck.

Before & After

Ram TRX Front Left Before
Ram TRX Front Left After
Ram TRX Side Before
Ram TRX Side After
Ram TRX Front Before
Ram TRX Front After
Ram TRX Back Right Before
Ram TRX Back Right After