Custom Matte Silver Ford Bronco

Custom Ford Bronco
Custom Ford Bronco Beach
Custom Ford Bronco Side
Custom Ford Bronco Scenic Shot at Beach

Custom Body Work

Engine Upgrades


Offroad & Accessory Lights

Aftermarket Parts

Interior & Badging

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The Build

Silver Ford Bronco Before

This vehicle came stock off the factory floor just like any other Bronco. It is a 2021 Ford Bronco Outer Banks with the Lux Package, and it is non-Sasquatch. We got this vehicle with just a couple of thousand of miles on it, so it was basically brand new. Our goal with this was to completely transform this Bronco and make it into something completely different, and we wanted to make a vehicle that not only looked good but performed well too. With so many aftermarket parts and products coming out for the Bronco we had many different avenues to venture down to make a badass vehicle. We took some of the best products on the market and brought them into one vehicle. 

Lift Kit, Wheels, & Tires

The first thing we did was lift the vehicle. There are a few different options when it comes to lifting your Bronco, but we ultimately decided to go with the best kit currently out on the market, which is Fabtech’s Dirt Logic Coilover Lift Kit

This kit also made room for larger tires, in which we went with the Nitto Trail Grappler in a 37×12.5×18 and paired that with the Fuel Offroad Covert finished in a matte black with a size of 18″x9″ and +20mm offset

Fabtech Ford Bronco Lift Kit
Silver Ford Bronco Wheels & Tires
Silver Bronco Lifted

Whipple Stage 1 Performance Kit

This Bronco is equipped with the 2.7L V6 Ecoboost, which pushes out 330hp from the factory giving this vehicle a decent amount of power. However, we wanted more. We thought this would be the perfect upgrade for this Bronco as we did want it to be performance oriented, and it would also help to move the 37″ tires we had installed on this vehicle.

Bronco Whipple Tune

Advanced Fiberglass Concepts 5" Fender/Quarter Kit & Ram Air Hood

Now that we were beefing up the performance of the vehicle, we also wanted to the body of the vehicle to reflect that. This provided a perfect opportunity to use Advanced Fiberglass Concepts new 5″ fender and quarter kit. This kit allows for more tire coverage and more fender well space as well as give this Bronco a more sporty look. Their kit uses fiberglass body panels that incorporate the fender and flare in one panel.

We also installed their Ram Air hood, which is also made of fiberglass. We love the lines of this hood and it pairs well with their fenders and quarters. We had to first put the fenders, quarters, and hood on first to ensure proper fitment. These pieces do fit pretty well out of the box but modifications are needed to get proper lines but that is expected. We fitted everything on with all the bumpers to ensure everything lines up well, and then it was off to paint.

Silver Bronco Advanced FIberglass Concepts Fender Fitting
Silver Bronco Advanced Fiberglass Concepts Quarter Fitting

Custom Glasurit Matte Silver Paint Job

Now it was time to paint this vehicle, but we did not want to go with the exact paint job that the vehicle came with. We wanted to go with something a little bit different, so we opted to paint this Bronco a matte silver.

All of the paint and body work done to this vehicle was done in house in our own body shop, which is Hyannis Collision

Silver Bronco Panels Off
Silver Bronco with Panels Off
Silver Bronco in Paint Booth
Painted Bronco Top
Matte Silver Ford Bronco Painted

Aftermarket Parts

Matte Silver Ford Bronco Bumper

Addictive Desert Designs Bomber Front Bumper & Skid Plate

Matte Silver Ford Bronco Rear Bumper

Addictive Desert Designs Bomber Rear Bumper

Silver Ford Bronco Rock Slide Engineering Retractable Steps

Rock Slide Engineering Retractable Power Steps

AWE Exhaust Bronco

AWE Catback Exhaust

Offroad & Accessory Lighting

Matte Silver Bronco KC HiLites Light Bar

KC HiLites Light Bar

Matte Silver Bronco KC HiLites Ditch Mount Lights

KC HiLites Ditch Mount Lights

Matte Silver Bronco Rigid 360 Series Lights

Rigid 360 Series Lights

Matte Silver Bronco Rigid Radiance Light Pods

Rigid Radiance Light Pods

Matte Silver Ford Bronco Illuminated Grille Letters

Oracle Illuminated Grille Letters

Matte Silver Bronco Third Brake Light

Oracle Wheel Third Brake Light

Interior & Badging

This vehicle came equipped with the highest interior trim package, which is the Lux package. This high end trim package pairs well with the greatly improved modifications to this vehicle. Here are just some of the features included in the Lux Package.

We mainly focus on exterior and performance modifications, but we wanted to put our touch on something in the interior, so we added in these custom leather seats.

Another area of badging we included on this Bronco was switching out the Outer Banks sticker for an old school cursive Bronco badge. We love incorporating these badges on our builds as we think it gives these Broncos a nice classy look

Matte Silver Bronco Badge
Matte Silver Ford Bronco Interior
Matte Silver Bronco Seats
Matte Silver Bronco Screen


That essentially covers everything that we did to this Bronco to make it what it is. Overall, we are very happy with how it came out, and we had a ton of fun building it. It was cool to see how this Bronco transformed from a basic Bronco to a custom performance oriented 4×4 that is designed to dominate whatever terrain it finds itself on.

If you are interested in buying a Bronco or a vehicle in general that is unique and different from anything else on the road then this is the vehicle for you. It will guide your through the beaches of the Cape, the city streets of Boston, and the offroad trails of New Hampshire; this Bronco will bring you to wherever your heart desires.

Also, If you already have a Bronco, we can complete any of these modifications we did to this Bronco to yours as well.

Matte Silver Bronco Scenic Shot at Beach

Before & After

Silver Ford Bronco Before
Silver Bronco Before
Silver Bronco Side Before
Matte Silver Bronco After #1
Silver Bronco After Front
Matte Silver Bronco Side After


Custom Matte Silver Bronco Build
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